A Cure for the Cabin Fever

The winds are blowing and we are in the heart of the winter and I can’t stop thinking about the fish.  Are they out there thinking about me too?

Well, I guess there is only one way to find out.  Let’s go ask them.

Many of our favorite streams are closed for the season and trying new experiences really gets us excited.  So, we set out to see if we can be successful in the age old practice of ice fishing.

Our motto for our journey to the north is, Adirondacks or bust and Winter is coming!

We outfit ourselves with the proper layered clothing, hat, gloves and boots to keep us warm and dry. Our fishing gear is minimal.  One large metal ladle with holes to scoop ice and snow from our holes.  Ice fishing, specific rod and reel (about $35 at Gander Mountain) spooled with 4 pound test line.  Some ice jigs and ‘mousie’s to sweeten the deal for the fish.  The most expensive cost comes in the ice auger.  The hand auger that we bought cost about $150 and cuts a 10 inch diameter hole in the ice.


If you are really serious about ice fishing every year, an investment into a power auger is well worth the money.

The goal, as in every type of fishing, is to fish where the fish are.

Shallow for trout in the early mornings.

Trout cruise the surface to feed early and late. Midday, it is deep for the denizens of the dark, murky domain of the lake trout.

Structures and drop offs, as always are the most productive.  Looking at maps or having a fish indicator is the way to find these locations.

The experience is truly refreshing and awe inspiring if you have never tried it.

Of course, exercise extreme precaution and be sure to check with reports and speak with local residents about the condition of the ice.

It is a harrowing but exhilarating experience to drive out on to the open expanse of a large lake.

Knowing that the only thing separating your 2,000 plus pounds car and the deep, dark, cold water is 15-20 inches of ice.

It is unreal to see the big blue sky in all its glory.

Oh yea and the fishing is good.


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