Fly Tyers Tool Box – A Repurposed Machinist Tool Box

I think I’m starting to realize I have a problem.

Organization is so important to me. In fact, So important, that it is hard for me to start a project unless my work space is in order.  This is especially true for new endeavors that require as much skill and patience as fly tying.

So, when I see an item that organizes for my fly tying needs; My brain is tickled.

If you haven’t already, check out my post on the flat file cabinet for fly material/map storage.

(*Follow up:  The flat file was purchased by a Pennsylvanian gentleman with a beautiful estate where he hunts for upland birds with his 2 pointers.  A true match to his amazing home that was already beautifully furnished for a sporting gentleman.)

My latest discovery is the antique machinist tool box.

Machinists in the early 1900’s used these boxes to store their specialized tools.

The tool boxes are made of sturdy wood and includes several, different sized drawers.

Now, the way I see things, finding new ways to use old things is in its way, the best form of recycling.  The advantage of antiques is that many times, it adds aesthetic value as well as a sense of class that is hard to find in mass manufactured, plastic goods today.


The machinist box has a lid that is secured by lock and key.

It is truly amazing that the key was not lost and can be used to lock this particular box.

The lid once opened, can be inserted to a slot underneath the box.

The multi sized drawers are perfectly sized to store the specialist tools of the fly tyer.

The inside of each drawer is lined with the original green felt to keep the tools and wood in good condition.

($275 at Roamads Shop)

The box does not take up too much real estate on your table and can be used to transport your tying equipment.  Close up the lid, lock with the key and you’re ready to bring your tying kit to go!

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