The Beaverkill Angler


Evan’s story is one that many people have fancied themselves doing.
Unlike the countless others that have only dreamed, Evan’s story was different.
He took control of his own narrative.

As I listened to his story, I thought back on all the times I thought about quitting my job  and doing something I really enjoyed.

How many times have we thought about our own pursuit of happiness;
Before the pragmatic and gray voice steps in and asks the other question,
“What if you fail?”
The questions that follow are endless.  Our Defense mechanisms in full effect, shooting missiles of reason to keep us from making the next mistake.

For Evan, a handshake and good will were the first steps towards breaking free.
I could skip the journey and conclude by highlighting his successes However, many times it is in the journey we find the story.

The thing is, most times than not, the course you wanted to walk down turns out to be a steep mountain fully equipped with the proverbial slippery slope.
Your walk turns into a brisk jog that becomes an uncontrollable run with impossible strides.
You do all you can do from falling flat on your face and tumbling down the rest of the way.

Evan tells us about days where there were exactly zero customers.
The struggles of ownership and making everything work.
It never is supposed to be easy. You keep your legs moving so as to keep from stumbling.

Evan makes things work, his passion for the sport and for the industry is apparent.
He has a keen sense of the environment around him and a smart wit.
Throughout the one day shoot, we found it easy to laugh with him.
We had all our shots, and needed one more…..
“Evan catch a fish! We need it for this short!”

One take. One fish.
The irony…If only life and the pursuit of happiness were this easy.

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