To Keep or Not to Keep? Writing Desk

It takes more than a modicum of self-discipline to not keep everything that comes through my doors at the Roamads – Adventure Home Shop.

Sometimes, one of the new discoveries comes in but never makes it back out into the world.

Here is an item that we found, that I feel compelled to own.

It has plenty of uses as a table or mail center in a home or apartment.

I myself can see this as my own personal work station.

I would be able to store my documents, receipts, notes and general office supplies.

It is an antique writing desk or “secretary desk”.

The hinges open and you can use this as your surface to write and draft.

There was no key, but I have put in an order for a replacement that will hopefully bring the lock back into functional use.

There are some scratches and signs of its age, but overall is in great shape.

Also as this is only the tabletop, it did not have it’s own legs.  However, it fit right into our handmade standing table at the office.

All I need now is a vintage stool chair to complete the work station.


It’s another discovery that was given a new life to continue and serve a purpose.


Now, to sell or not to sell?

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