Adventure Vehicle II

In a previous post about adventure vehicles we discussed how the Honda CR-V was capable and efficient for the activities we were involved with.  We also pointed out how much more romanticism went into shopping for big adventure vehicles is involved than we think.  It’s like shopping or ordering food when we are hungry, we want everything.

When it was time for me to shop for my next vehicle, there were a couple additional features I had to look for in my noble steed.  

I am more into surf fishing than my brother and in our area we have the privilege of being able to drive onto the beach with the appropriate passes and requirements.  One of those is a 4X4 or four wheel drive capability, two terms that are confused, but are used interchangeably in marketing.

My search was short and simple.  It was a toss-up between a small SUV and a pickup.  Then it came down to the size of my wallet and how much I was willing to pay for my favorite design plus features.  After much deliberation and arguing in my own mind, it boiled down to the Tacoma.  I knew from traveling for years in multiple sedans in some of the worst conditions, that your average 2-wheel drive vehicle will get it done in most scenarios, but I needed to get onto the beach.  In the past, I would have to wait for a friend to invite me.  With my own vehicle, I wouldn’t have to wait for anyone and can now go at my leisure.

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